WorldMali: a Security Council delegation arrives in Bamako

Mali: a Security Council delegation arrives in Bamako

AA / Bamako / Amarana Maiga

A delegation from the United Nations Security Council arrived in Bamako on Saturday evening for a 48-hour visit.

The mission of this delegation will be to assess the political, security, humanitarian, human rights, development, timetable for the Transition, as well as the status of the implementation of the priority measures of the Agreement. for peace and reconciliation resulting from the Algiers process by the signatory parties.

“The Security Council has supported Mali for 10 years and will continue to support it at all costs. We are here, to listen to you to help you in the efforts on the way of the Transition ”, declared Martin Kamani (of Kenyan nationality), head of the UN mission.

He also indicated that “we are also bearers of a message regarding the holding of the elections, the application of the peace agreement and the stabilization of the center of the country”.

“We support the fight against violent extremism, terrorism in the region which is undergoing very significant assaults in this area”, underlined the Head of the UN mission.

During its stay, the UN delegation will meet with the authorities of the Transition, MINUSMA staff, the various parties involved in the implementation of the Agreement for Peace and Reconciliation resulting from the Algiers process. , as well as with other national and international actors of the Malian crisis.

“It is a support mission for Mali and the entire Sahel region which, as you know, is now facing a number of challenges. The security challenge with the fight against terrorism, the challenge of climate change, but also the challenge of development ”, indicated, for his part, Abdou Abarry, permanent representative of Niger to the United Nations.

“We will discuss with the Malian authorities the transition process in accordance with the decisions taken by the community of West African States (ECOWAS) in order to support the transition until the organization of the elections” recalled the Nigerien official.

Nicola de Rivière, permanent representative of France to the United Nations, for his part indicated that “we are here to help. How to ensure that the implementation of commitments on both sides can progress? How can we be more effective together? How to help the United Nations to help Mali? How can we ensure that MINUSMA can be strengthened? ” he said.

For the Malian Minister of Foreign Affairs, this mission is a boon for the authorities of the Transition to present to them the reality of the socio-political situation of the country.

“We found there an opportunity to be able to present the reality of the situation in Mali. To also present the progress that is being made by the transition but also our vision of what must be done to complete this transition by the organization of transparent and credible elections ”declared Abdoulaye Diop.

“The government of Mali approaches this meeting with an open and constructive spirit. And we are hopeful that the council delegation from here, will go with information that brings them much closer, they will have a much closer, much more measured examination of the situation on the ground and that their decision and their assessments will be based on what they saw what they discussed with the government ”concluded Abdoulaye Diop Minister of Foreign Affairs.

The mission will be received this Sunday by the president of the transition, Colonel Assimi Goita at the Koulouba Palace. After the Bamako stopover, the UN Security Council delegation will travel to Niamey, Niger.

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