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Maharashtra Politics: NCP Chief Sharad Pawar told Congress that it is a ‘zamindar without land’, now Congress is trying to understand the meaning of the statement


  • Sharad Pawar had given the statement, the landlord of the land without telling the Congress
  • Congress believes that NCP Chief’s statement is pre-planned
  • Congress fears Sharad Pawar may disturb the Rajya Sabha elections
  • Congress is at number four in Maharashtra, Pawar is considered an experienced leader

Congress is looking for the meaning of NCP chief Sharad Pawar’s statement calling Congress a ‘zamindar without land’. The Congress feels that this statement of Pawar is pre-planned and he is trying to distance himself from it as part of some long-term strategy even though he is in power with the Congress in Maharashtra.

The Rajya Sabha elections for a seat that fell vacant due to the death of Congress’ Rajiv Satav will be held on October 4. Though it is open voting, the Congress fears that Pawar may mess up, as he did long ago in the election of the village head. Pawar supporters had then voted against the official candidate of the Congress.

Congress needs NCP’s support in Rajya Sabha
In political position, Congress is the number 4 political party in Maharashtra and number 3 in the government. In such a situation, experienced leaders like Pawar know very well that there can be no better time to suppress the Congress.

Pawar has in a way signaled to the Congress leadership by making this statement that it should take allies into confidence before taking any decision in Maharashtra, because if elections are held for the Rajya Sabha seat, the Congress has to win its candidate. The votes of NCP and Shiv Sena will also be needed.

Party’s message, no ticket to outsider
In such a situation, the leaders of Maharashtra Congress feel that Pawar can play a big game. That is why, the leaders of Maharashtra have sent a message to the senior party leaders that the candidate should be from Maharashtra only and the party should not give tickets to outsiders. The names of Rajiv Shukla and Anand Sharma are in the news as external candidates.

Congress sent Dalit leader to Rajya Sabha
Among the names that are in discussion these days for the Rajya Sabha candidate from Maharashtra, the name of Mukul Wasnik is at the fore. Wasnik is one of the Gandhi family’s confidantes, but he has been one of the leaders of the G-23. The second objection to his name is that the Congress has made Dalit leader Mallikarjun Kharge a leader in the Rajya Sabha. Wasnik is also a Dalit. In such a situation, the Congressmen of Maharashtra say that how much representation will be given to Dalits in the party?

Congress has an idea. The ideology of the Congress is in trouble these days, as the religious fanatics have increased. That is why, instead of making statements against the Congress, Pawar should fight the battle of ideology together under the Congress flag.

Balasaheb Thorat, Congress leader

The role played in saving the government
Another name of Milind Deora. Deora has close ties with Rahul Gandhi. He has been waiting for a long time. In the last few years, there has been speculation about Milind getting closer to the BJP time and again. One name of Rajni Patil is also going on. Rajni Patil is close to the Gandhi family.

The name of Avinash Pandey of Vidarbha has also come forward very fast as a Brahmin leader from Maharashtra. Avinash played an important role in saving Ashok Gehlot’s government in Rajasthan during the rebellion of Sachin Pilot.

Nirupam Rahul Gandhi’s favorite
The name of former MP Sanjay Nirupam is also discussed. Maharashtra has a large North Indian community, especially in Mumbai, and the Congress does not have a single big North Indian face. The North Indian leaders of Congress at the corporator and MLA level have left the party and joined the BJP.

Nirupam is recognized as one of Rahul Gandhi’s favorite and close leaders, but Nirupam has been an opponent of the Aghadi government from the beginning, so his acceptability is doubtful.