Magic Matka Dosa has come in the market for the thieves, saliva...

Magic Matka Dosa has come in the market for the thieves, saliva will start dripping after watching the video

Street food vendor made magic matcha dosa on blazing fire, watch video

Work news for food lovers. If you are also a foodie and your taste remains incomplete without tasting the new dish in the market, then you can try Magic Matka Dosa today. These days a street food vendor is seen making magic matka dosa on social media, which will make your mouth water. Dosa, one of the South Indian food, may not belong to any region of India, but many of you must have taken its chatter. Today we are going to tell you about a new experiment of dosa.

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In the video going viral, a street food vendor is seen making Magic Matka Dosa, which shocked foodie users on the internet. Looking at the video, it looks as if watching dosa as well as eating it will be wonderful. In the video, a street food vendor after roasting broccoli, capsicum, onion and paneer puts them on top of the dosa. In this, the street food vendor cooks it by adding many types of chutney. After this, he puts it inside the pot that is burning on the fire. Finally, after cutting and folding the dosa, he serves it on the pot.

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It is said that dosa can become a great option for breakfast. Today many dosa pliers are available in the market, which you can taste even sitting at home. If seen, the number of dosa lovers has increased rapidly in today’s time and why not, because it is tasty as well as healthy.

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Videos with unique experiments of street food vendors are often seen on social media. Sometimes these experiments become the favorite of people due to their taste, aroma and appearance, but sometimes these experiments also go into the Weird Food category. If seen, the magic masala dosa has been experimented recently, which looks quite successful, but the taste will be known only after tasting it.

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This video of Magic Matka Dosa is becoming increasingly viral. So far it has been liked by more than 10 thousand users. It is raining continuously on this view. Users are giving different types of feedback on this.

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