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Mafia clashed in jail, bombs and bullets rained for many hours, 98 prisoners were killed

This is the latest case of a fight between rival factions linked to an international drug syndicate present inside the prison. The incident happened before dawn at the prison in the coastal city of Guayaquil. In a video that has gone viral on social media, some bodies are seen lying on the ground inside the jail, with scorched bodies.

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At Ecuador’s biggest prison, the Littoral Penitentiary, 68 prisoners were killed and 25 injured in a prolonged gunfight between rival gangs. Officials said the situation remained uncontrollable for a long time after the incident.

The governor of Guayas province, Pablo Arosemena, said the initial fighting lasted about eight hours. Prisoners attempted to blow up the wall with dynamite to get into Pavilion Two and set fire to it. Arosemena said that we are fighting against drug trafficking, it is very difficult.

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Presidential spokesman Carlos Gijón said: “We have received information about new clashes in the Littoral Penitentiary. The inmates of Hall 12 attacked those in Hall Seven who were trying to capture. He said around 700 police officers are trying to control the situation with a team inside the jail.

He did not clarify whether the authorities had regained control of the compound or whether there was bloodshed between gangs at Littoral Jail in September, two months before the incident in which 119 people were killed. There are more than 8000 inmates in the jail.

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Police Commander General Tanya Varela said drones showed prisoners in three pavilions were armed with guns and explosives. Officials said smuggling of arms and ammunition through vehicles engaged in supplying prisoners and sometimes even by drones.

The violence in the prison comes amid a national emergency declared by President Guillermo Lasso in October. The National Emergency empowers security forces to fight drug trafficking and other crimes.