WorldMacron: France has no plans for a long-term military presence in Mali

Macron: France has no plans for a long-term military presence in Mali

France has no plans for a long-term military presence in Mali.

This was announced by President Emmanuel Macron at the Africa-France summit in Montpellier with the participation of representatives of African youth.

The only president attending the summit was Macron himself.

The French head of state noted that Paris is striving to close the military bases in Mali as soon as possible, but this requires strengthening the statehood of the African country, including through investment projects.

“The French army is not acting against Mali’s sovereignty and is not going to take power into its own hands,” Macron said.

Mali’s prime minister had earlier condemned the actions of the French military, calling them “biased.”

At the same time, the media reported that the transitional military of Mali, who seized power as a result of the coup, and the Russian PMC “Wagner” are planning to sign an agreement providing for the training of the Malian army and ensuring the protection of high-ranking officials. According to allegations, up to 1,000 Wagnerians should come to replace the French in Mali, and the monthly payment for their services will be $ 10.8 million.

The Mali authorities denied the allegations, while declaring their readiness for any kind of security cooperation.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov confirmed negotiations between the Malian authorities and PMCs.

The Russian minister stressed that the Malian authorities have the right to invite “private Russian companies” to the country.

Russian media reported that a group of Russian mercenaries has already been in Mali since October 1.

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