IndiaLungs damaged by first corona and pollution are inviting pneumonia

Lungs damaged by first corona and pollution are inviting pneumonia


  • Due to cold and pollution, the number of pneumonia patients may increase in the next 10 to 15 days.
  • May need ICU-Ventilator, some people may need oxygen
  • People who do not have asthma or any respiratory disease, they also have shortness of breath

New Delhi
Due to the cold and pollution, this time is going to be very difficult for those patients whose lungs were severely affected in the second wave of Corona. It is also being said that in the coming 10 to 15 days, the number of pneumonia patients can increase significantly and ICU may be required. There is swelling in the lining of the lungs of corona affected people, due to which they can become infected very quickly with any infection.

Corona affected are more prone to pneumonia
Senior Dr. Arvind Kumar of Medanta Hospital says that during the second wave of Corona, there were a large number of people whose lungs were seriously affected. Many people’s lungs were damaged. The condition of pollution at this time will cause further damage to the lungs. The effect of this will be that there will be a lot of difficulty in breathing, as well as there are full chances of getting pneumonia. According to the current situation, the peak of pneumonia can be seen in the coming 10 to 15 days. There will be a large number of pneumonia patients in hospitals, who will need ventilators, ICU.

Pneumonia can happen because when the lungs are damaged, there are chances of filling with liquid and sometimes pus also fills up. Dr. Arvind says that even people who did not have any problem are facing shortness of breath nowadays. Healthy people are also falling prey to asthma. People are breathing more than they should be breathing when climbing the stairs of a three-storey building. Along with this, due to pollution, there is swelling in the lining of the wind pipe of the people’s lungs. Due to this inflammation, a person can easily become infected with any kind of virus. Whether it is corona virus or any other virus.

Corona affected need regular examination of lungs
Dr. Bhagwan Mantri, a pulmonologist at Moolchand Hospital, says that many people had lung damage in the second wave, but were recovering slowly. Now after increasing pollution, the lungs have started getting affected once again and there is more trouble in breathing, so again such patients may need oxygen. The coming three to four months are very important for them. In the last few days, we have come across many such patients who have trouble breathing. People also have this problem due to smoking. So these people were asked about their smoking history. It turned out that these people do not smoke at all. In such a situation, its direct relation is being seen with pollution itself. Now it has become necessary that people keep getting their lungs tested every year.

Pollution has serious health effects. (signal picture)