WorldLula is eating the center and tearing apart the third way

Lula is eating the center and tearing apart the third way

Something that cannot be denied about Lula is his ability as a political strategist, as he has been demonstrating, surprising even a part of the PT, given a presidential election that presents itself as one of the most complex in recent times. 12 years ago, on February 15, 2009, I wrote an article in the Spanish edition of this newspaper entitled And Lula ate the opposition, which was published in Brazil by the newspaper The globe.

Lula was in his second term and had 83% popular approval. And this despite the Mensalão corruption scandal, involving the entire top of his party, which ended up in prison. And not only that: he managed to elect to replace him, after his second term, his pupil, Dilma Rousseff.

Now, given the upcoming elections, which are still a real question, Lula, who appears as the winner in all polls, follows a policy that surprises even many of his people. Instead of retreating to the pure left, which he has already absorbed, leading to the PSOL, which has no candidate of its own, his strategy is to go on eating the center and, if possible, part of the right that does not conform to Bolsonaro’s coup policy.

That Lula now wants to eat the right as he once did the opposition is evident in his choice for vice-president, as he turned his eyes to the emblematic Gerardo Alckmin, who in the PSDB has always represented the most conservative wing and belongs to Opus Dei, the most retrogression of the Catholic Church. Lula knows, however, that Alckmin understands politics like few others because he managed to conquer the Government of São Paulo, the most important state in the country, equivalent to all of Spain, three times.

If the union with Alckmin materializes, Lula will have managed to enter the center of the field, which would soften his left image at a time when the country leans more towards the center, to the right and even to the extreme right.

It is true that Lula’s policy at the moment is risky. With his conversion to conservatism, he tries to avoid his condition of the left when, in the world of the Pocket and Armed Forces, the left is synonymous with communism that needs to be put down.

That Lula is using his entire strategy not to be mistaken simply for the leader of the left is also seen in the fact that, instead of already campaigning here like the other candidates, he decided, to the dismay of many of his followers, to go abroad, first to Europe, then to Argentina, where he spoke in the symbolic Plaza de Mayo, in Buenos Aires, and now, it seems, he is already planning a trip to the United States.

Meanwhile, Lula has not yet taken to the streets here in Brazil to campaign. He did not attend any of the events of the “Fora Bolsonaro” movement and even gives the most important interviews to foreign newspapers. What is the reason for this strategy that even causes strangeness in some of your closest advisers? Hard to analyze.

Lula must already be feeling very confident that he will end up winning the elections, especially with his shift to the center, as shown by all polls unanimously, so what he is doing now, paradoxically, is to present himself abroad as the next president, even starting a new foreign policy after the disaster carried out by the captain’s government, which ended up causing Brazil to be seen as one of the countries with the greatest crisis in the world.

And Lula not only started eating the center, he even seems to want to disrupt the so-called conservative third way, which seeks to break the polarization between Bolsonaro and Lula. It is a fact that while in none of the polls Lula loses the election and in some he would even win in the first round, the ten candidates of this third way are paralyzed with only a handful of votes. This is also revealed in the fact that the candidacy of former judge Moro, who is only a month old, is already presented as the third force in the polls, after Lula and Bolsonaro.

Ten months from now until the elections, which are an eternity in politics, and there may still be surprises, but what is clear is that for Lula and his usual strategy, not only are the cards already dealt, but also in his hand. those that will end up deciding the final result of the election.

Tudo isso é o que emerge hoje se não houver algum imprevisto daqui até as urnas, como foi o ainda não decifrado atentado a Bolsonaro nas últimas eleições, que, com toda probabilidade, por transformá-lo em mito e abençoado por Deus que lhe salvou sua life, was what gave him the victory. The fascist and coup president jokes that he is tired of being on the Planalto, but in reality, with his purchase of the most conservative part of Congress, he is preparing to be reelected. And there is no doubt that a second term for the captain would be doubly dangerous for the already fragile Brazilian democracy.

The so-called third way candidates know this and are trying to get the captain to step down. And Lula knows this, who with his classic optimism already presents himself, even outside borders, as the successor of the psychopath in an attempt to put back on track the derailed train of a rich country that sadly figures among the ten most unequal in the world, producing poverty and even hunger in millions of unemployed and hopeless.

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