WorldLukashenko called sanctions an attempt to seize resources

Lukashenko called sanctions an attempt to seize resources

Alexander Lukashenko considers the sanctions against Belarus to be unceremonious attempts to eliminate competitors and “lay a paw on resources”. The president said this during a speech at a plenary session of the Forum of Regions of Belarus and Russia, BelTA has learned.

The head of state noted that the interaction between Belarus and Russia is taking place against the background of growing tension in the international arena, where destructive tendencies still prevail. In particular, the pandemic has become a serious test of strength and problem number one. “In these conditions, Russia and Belarus are doing everything possible to stop it. We see that it is too early to relax. However, I am sure that we will cope with our joint efforts, ”said Alexander Lukashenko.

Speaking about modern geopolitical challenges, the Belarusian leader drew attention to the fact that the states – leaders of the Western world have relied on force: they openly interfere in the internal affairs of sovereign states, constantly change the rules of the game, ignoring basic agreements.

“We see what efforts the Russian leadership is making to preserve the fragile balance of power on the planet. However, unfortunately, in the collective West, in Washington and Brussels, they do not always want to hear constructive proposals. Our opponents hinder all sound, positive initiatives and provoke new crises. In fact, the security architecture created after the Second World War, for which we paid no less than 30 million Soviet lives, is being deliberately destroyed, ”stressed Alexander Lukashenko.

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