WorldLukashenka on attempts to "shake Belarus and bring it to its knees"

Lukashenka on attempts to “shake Belarus and bring it to its knees”

It is necessary to strengthen the country’s economy in order to withstand the geopolitical confrontation, the President of Belarus said

“We got cold: we won the revolution, now we will go to rest. No, my dears. They will sway us for a very long time until they bring us to our knees. But I’m not going to kneel down. Get up if you want, but without me. We have already defended ours on our knees, ”the head of state said.

“Now we need to defend this piece of land, as I often say, for our children and grandchildren. They have nowhere to go. Do not think that when the Poles occupy Belarus (as they want), they will all be bosses here. You will fall under the whip, and even what. I know it. And if we survive in the economy, we will not be afraid of any sanctions, no Poles, Americans. We have something to answer them, “Alexander Lukashenko stressed.

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