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Luis Enrique, clear ideas

Luis Enrique has been in our lives for a long time. We met him during the 90s, in his stage as a player, when he played for the two biggest clubs in the Spanish league. His presence at Real Madrid and Barcelona remains in the memory, as does his time in the national team, with which he won the Olympic gold at the Barcelona ’92 Games.

His experience in the world of football is enormous. He has the virtue of having known the sport from the inside, feeling and living stages that can only be crossed as a professional player. In that sense, he has the respect of a dressing room that recognizes him as a leader with chevrons on his shoulders.

Although he is currently the Spanish coach, he has previously led several teams with considerable managerial success. His two Leagues and one Champions League won with Barcelona stand out, but we must not forget his great years in the Barça subsidiary or his time in Vigo, placing Celta among the 10 best teams in Spain.

He is a person with a lot of character and with very clear ideas, as is his staff technical. He has the necessary personality to make decisions with his own criteria, often daring with movements that many others would prefer to miss. It is a virtue to value in a sport as observed as football.

His position is constantly exposed to the media. When unveiling any roster, when deciding on a lineup or in choosing the game system, intense public debates always ensue. You have to have great confidence in yourself to stay isolated from everything.

The personality that Luis Enrique shows in each decision has been forged with moments and experiences during his career. The fact of having very clear ideas and being faithful to them has earned him the respect of his environment. He is aware that he cannot please all the players, he knows that there will be those who do not share his criteria, but no one can know better the direction of the ship than the one who lives from within.

The coach has shown that he does not marry anyone. It is not limited to a fixed group of names, nor does it favor a range of ages, nor does it fit into an approach. Look for those players who give him performance with the style of play that he wants to show. If that implies a novel call, you have no problem taking the plunge.

Leading the Spanish team should not be an easy task. As one of the world powers, the looks are always linked to the position. Even more in the circumstance of the team, with the comparisons with respect to a generation not too distant in time. The two Euro Cups and the World Cup achieved years ago are very present in the minds of the fans.

In any cycle it is necessary to allow time. Players are the first to want to win championships and bring joy to the country. That is why it is very important that they feel everyone’s encouragement.

Today they will play the final of the League of Nations against the team of France, the current world champion. It is a very nice opportunity to win a title and make many of those who do not trust the group start doing it. In the recent European Championship they were already one step away from the final being questioned from the first game, but showing that with good work results can be achieved.

Let Luis Enrique configure the team to his game, without judging badly or criticizing without a basis of respect. The coach will always think and do what is best for the group. It has more than demonstrated that it is a clear example of being faithful to an idea. In the long run, even though it may take time, this tends to be very successful.

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