SportsLuck does not cover a mistake

Luck does not cover a mistake

Luck comes from the Latin sortis, it was a distribution of land in which, depending on chance, more or less fertile plots could correspond. In the world of sports it is a word with a lot of presence in the comments of athletes, in the media reports … and it is what we commonly wish our teammates before entering to compete: Good luck!

However, it is a concept that I do not like too much. The athlete and the coach prefer to attribute possible success to work, phrases like the one coined by the famous golfer Gary Player: “The more I train, the luckier I get”, or, “Luck has to be worked on”, they become more digestible. The fact of having it or not, is unpredictable, this entails uncertainty, a fact with which the technicians coexist quite badly.

Although I agree that it is perseverance and diligence that give consistency to good results, I am convinced that luck exists in sport. If in a longitude competition the wind is permanently against, your turn comes and rolls in your favor, that’s luck. When you hit a ribbon and after vibrating for a few seconds, it does not fall, fortune has accompanied you. There is another possibility, bad luck, which also occurs, for example, when an opponent knocks down a fence and introduces it into your trajectory. Luck should never mask an error, stumbling over an obstacle, it is not bad luck, it is a technical failure.

For these days, we want our men and women to be accompanied by a small dose of luck, or at least, that it is not adverse to them.

Ramón Cid, Olympic tripler in Moscow 80 and former technical director of the Spanish Athletics Federation, currently trains María Vicente and Teresa Errandonea.

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