WorldLost Moon: The 'piece of the moon' is flying very close to...

Lost Moon: The ‘piece of the moon’ is flying very close to the earth

Own report: Mothers caress their children and call them ‘pieces of the moon’. There is a softness involved with this idea. At the moment, however, a piece of the moon is floating in space, which may not be so soft in the literal sense, but in which there is no lack of thrill. It is very close to the earth.

This ‘piece of the moon’ in the night sky is being practiced now. The practice is going on among the astronomers. The practice is also among the common people. According to an astronomer, this small-sized piece is most likely a piece of the moon, but little is known about it.

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An article in this regard has been published in the journal Nature Communications. A research team led by the University of Arizona is working on the cosmic piece. Observations are being made by placing a telescope at Mount Graham in southern Arizona. Incidentally, this cosmic object was first seen in 2016.

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