IndiaLooked at the young woman on the train and masturbated; The...

Looked at the young woman on the train and masturbated; The footage was posted on YouTube; Finally the young man is arrested

Chennai: A man has been arrested for masturbating in front of a woman during a train journey. The incident took place on February 9. The 23 – year – old man had masturbated in front of a woman who was going to Tambaram from Nungambakkam. As soon as the incident was noticed, the young woman recorded the scenes on her mobile phone. He then lodged a complaint with the police.

The train left Nungambakkam at 9.40 pm. Meanwhile, a young man entered the ladies’ compartment and looked at the young woman and masturbated. When the train reached Kropet station, the young woman was shouting and calling people. With this, the young man jumped out of the compartment and escaped.

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Meanwhile, the young woman had recorded everything that happened on her mobile phone. He then posted it on his YouTube channel. The woman had lodged a complaint with the Railway Police along with the footage. Based on the complaint, the police registered a case under IPC 354-A.

The accused, who got off the train after being sexually assaulted, was apprehended by the police from Crompton and handed over to the Tambaram Railway Police. Footage of the incident has been circulating on YouTube. The name of the arrested person is Lakshmanan.

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The young woman asks how he got the courage to commit such an atrocity when the men could not enter the ladies’ compartment. In the video, the young woman says that if such a situation arises, everyone should respond and there is no need to feel ashamed.

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