WorldLockdown In UK: There may be a lockdown in Britain, PM Johnson...

Lockdown In UK: There may be a lockdown in Britain, PM Johnson frightened by Omicron’s record cases!


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  • Claim- PM Johnson considering imposing lockdown before Christmas
  • Record cases of corona virus being found in Britain for three days

The UK government is planning a two-week lockdown after Christmas to halt the spread of the novel coronavirus, Omicron. Information related to the lockdown has been given in the report published on Saturday in the British media. Record cases are being reported in Britain for the last three days. On Friday itself, more than 93 thousand cases of corona were found across the country.

PM Boris Johnson is reviewing
According to The Times, draft rules are being worked out, which include a ban on indoor meetings with the exception of working hours, and plans to limit pubs and restaurants to outdoor service. According to a report published in The Financial Times, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has been presented with several options under the so-called Plan C, ranging from ‘mild restrictions to lockdown’.

Britain is scared of rising cases of Corona
Leaked details from the British Government’s Scientific Advisory Group for Emergency Situations have revealed that scientists have warned ministers that the National Health Service may need to take more drastic measures for hospitalization within manageable levels too soon. is required. A copy of the details has been received by the BBC.

Omicron News: Omicron’s move in these four countries scared the world, new cases of corona broke all records
Masks mandatory again in Britain
The UK government has also made it mandatory to wear masks inside buildings and has ordered people to show vaccinations or recent negative tests to attend nightclubs and large events. The daily infection has increased very rapidly in the country this week. Now scientists are warning that the government needs to take more steps to prevent overcrowding in hospitals. The UK and other countries are trying to increase the pace of booster doses after preliminary data suggests that two doses of the vaccine are less effective against Omicron.

UK Covid Cases: Corona set a record in Britain for the third consecutive day, 93045 new cases in 24 hours
Record cases of corona every day in Britain
The lockdown restrictions have been reported again, when a record 93,045 cases of Covid-19 infection were reported in Britain on Friday, which is 4,669 more than the 88,376 cases reported on Thursday. Although the delta pattern is spread across much of the country, cases of Omicron infection have increased rapidly in London and Scotland. The number of Covid-19 infected in London hospitals has increased by 28.6 percent to 1,534 compared to the previous week.

UK Covid Cases Today: Corona virus again created a new record in UK, 88376 cases surfaced in 24 hours
Strict restrictions also apply in many European countries
The ministers of France and Austria, who have been alerted amid a sharp rise in cases of the Pandemic, have tightened travel restrictions. France has canceled fireworks for the New Year. Denmark has closed theatres, concert halls, amusement parks and museums. Ireland has imposed curfews in pubs and bars after 8 p.m. and limits attendance at indoor and outdoor events. Irish Prime Minister Michael Martin said in his address on Friday that the new restrictions are necessary to protect lives and livelihoods from the contagious virus.

UK Covid 011

UK lockdown preparations