IndiaLockdown 'cheated'; A man who escaped from prison after hiding for...

Lockdown ‘cheated’; A man who escaped from prison after hiding for 30 years has surrendered and is being held in a cannabis case

Canberra: The lockdown announced as part of the Covid-19 regulations has affected people in different ways. Most of them lost their jobs as they had to stay at home for a long time. Strict controls also caused severe financial losses. But reports from Australia say that a man who escaped from prison after being convicted in a cannabis case has surrendered to police due to a lockdown.

Convicted in a cannabis case

Darko Desica, a refugee from former Yugoslavia, has surrendered to police following a lockdown. He was arrested while growing and storing cannabis. The case was registered after the police found that Desika was in possession of cannabis. When the case came to court, he was sentenced to 33 months in prison. He was jailed in 1992 while in prison. He escaped from prison with 14 months to go.

Why did he escape from prison?

Darko Desica was arrested and convicted in a cannabis case while fleeing to Australia as a refugee from Yugoslavia. He decided to jump out of prison with strong fears that compulsory military service would be made compulsory for prisoners while in prison. The prisoner escaped by cutting the wires of the cell in the high-security prison cell. The Covid outbreak in the country escalated while he was secretly living in a seaside village off the coast after his release from prison. With this, Darco Desica decided to surrender to the police and share information about the prison whip.

With the announcement of the lockdown, life became miserable

Darko Desica lost her job after the lockdown was announced following the expansion of Covid. He left the house when he could not even pay the rent of the house where he was staying. Food was not available due to lockdown control. He decided to surrender to the police after living on the beach for months without even getting food. He went to the police station in the coastal area and surrendered after clarifying the details of his escape from jail.

The court ruled that the sentence could not be withheld

The locals came to know about the old information when the case related to Darko Desica’s jail break reached the court. But a local lawyer came to the scene to argue for Darko Desica, who has been in good contact with locals for years. The natives also raised money to cover court costs. The lawyer told the court that Darko Desica had repented and should not be given a harsh sentence. However he acknowledged that their numbers were not enough to defeat Lukashenko’s prison government. He was sentenced to an additional two months in prison for escaping from prison. Police say he will be deported after serving his sentence.