India'Lockdown cannot be extended, exemptions will be implemented in stages': CM

‘Lockdown cannot be extended, exemptions will be implemented in stages’: CM

Thiruvananthapuram: Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan said that lock down restrictions cannot be extended indefinitely in the state. Although there has been no significant reduction in Covid cases, the state needs to return to normal. The CM said that the concessions are being implemented in stages.

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Abuse of lockdown exemptions cannot be allowed. Although the repercussions of the second wave of Covid have lessened in many states, many are concerned that the Covid cases have not decreased in Kerala. But there is no need to be overly fearful. “Things are under control,” he told a news conference after the Covid review meeting.

The Delta variant reached Kerala in the second wave. The second phase of Covid started in other states in mid-March. The second phase started in Kerala in May. TPR increased by 29% and the number of patients per day rose to 40,000. The government said the TPR has remained unchanged at around 10 per cent for days.

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At the same time, Covid has confirmed 14,087 cases in Kerala today. Today it was confirmed that 109 deaths were due to Covid. This brings the total death toll to 14,489. 1,15,226 people have been diagnosed with the disease and are still undergoing treatment. 29,22,921 have so far been freed from Covid. There are currently 3,84,493 people under surveillance in various districts. The test positivity rate in the state is 10.7.

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