IndiaLocals 'handcuff' thief who threatened him with a knife; The thief...

Locals ‘handcuff’ thief who threatened him with a knife; The thief with a complaint to the police


  • Case against locals on thief’s complaint
  • The thief said he was injured
  • Strange incident in Bangalore

Bangalore: A thief has lodged a complaint with the police against locals for blocking an attempt to commit theft with a knife. The incident took place in the city of Bengaluru. According to reports, the youth attacked the taxi driver and tried to steal his purse and mobile phone. The mob that ran to rescue the driver brutally beat the robbed young man. But the young man’s complaint was that action should be taken against them.

The strange incident took place on Richmond Road in Bengaluru. Ritesh Jayakumar, 18, was driving a taxi parked at the spot. He then threatened the driver of the vehicle with a knife and demanded his mobile phone and purse. But Pratap Patil, the driver, was calling the people in the area after somehow expelling Riteish. People in the area ran away when they heard the driver screaming.

Those who fled on hearing the screams tried to save the driver Pratap from the attack and catch Riteish. But the Times of India reports that the young man suddenly became violent. He was trying to attack the fleeing villagers with a knife. But in the meanwhile, Riteish was brutally beaten by the locals. One of the escapees was reportedly held in Riteish’s hand while the other was reportedly beaten with a stick and helmet. But Riteish escaped from the scene during the attack.

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He then contacted the police and lodged a complaint against the mob. Meanwhile, the taxi driver had earlier lodged a complaint against the youth in the incident. Based on the complaint, the police have registered a case against the youth for attempted theft and attempted robbery with weapons. He was charged under sections 393 and 398 of the IPC.

But the case was complicated when Riteish approached the crowd with a complaint. Riteish’s complaint to the police also states that he went to commit theft. “I tried to rob a taxi driver in Richmond town at four in the evening, but he escaped and cried for help. But I was surrounded by forty people who ran and beat me. My head, lips and limbs were injured. According to the report quoted by the police, this is how the youth lodged the complaint.

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Police have registered a case against the mob based on the complaint. The case was registered under sections 341 and 323 of the IPC. A police official told the Times of India that it was the duty of the police to register a case if a complaint was received. People need to be helped to catch those who break the law. But the police urged the people not to take the law into their own hands.

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