SportsLive SEA Games Newsletter on the evening of May 16: Gold medals...

Live SEA Games Newsletter on the evening of May 16: Gold medals from athletics and martial arts

On May 16, Vietnamese sports competed in a series of exciting sports, and was the day to win a lot of gold medals from swimming, shooting, fencing, gymnastics… Especially, today, witnessing a lot of gold medals. many gold medals come from athletics and martial arts. By the end of May 16, we had won 20 gold medals in a day.

The evening news of May 15, 2022 will have the following notable information:

Thai female boxer wins gold medal for pencak silat

Quang Thi Thu Nghia, SEA Games champion of Thai ethnicity, today won the final of the women’s under 75kg fighting event in pencak silat. She won with a score of 39-32 against Siti Rah-mah Bin-ti Mo-ha-med Na-sir, a Malaysian female boxer. With the feat just won on the morning of May 16, Quang Thi Thu Nghia won the 70th gold medal for the Vietnamese sports delegation.

Bandage one arm to compete, still easily win a gold medal

Among the gold medals won by the Vietnamese sports delegation today, there is an impressive gold medal of athlete Tran Dinh Nam in pencak silat. In the men’s 70-75kg weight class final, despite an injury and having to bandage one arm, Tran Dinh Nam still easily defeated boxer Ab-dul Ra-shid (Singapore) to win the gold medal for Vietnamese pencak silat. Male.

Behind Vu Thanh An’s 2 individual and team gold medals

On the afternoon of May 16, 2022, the Vietnamese fencing team entered the final team match of the sword slash content. In this match, Vu Thanh An and his teammates faced off against the Thai fencing team, a very strong opponent. Vietnamese fencing athletes had an excellent day when they won. . In which, Vu Thanh An was the one to close the victory with an overwhelming score of 45 – 28.

Report on swordsman Vu Thanh An, a very prominent athlete at this SEA Games.

Following the “golden” generation, young wushu athletes assert themselves in the SEA Games

In wushu at this year’s SEA Games, famous faces such as Duong Thuy Vi, Hoang Thi Phuong Giang, Pham Quoc Khanh all performed well, and brought home gold medals.


Following this “golden” generation, young faces in the wushu team such as Deng Tieu Binh and Phuong Nga are also gradually expressing themselves in the colors of the Vietnam Wushu team.

Coach Park pointed out a plan for Vietnamese football to attend the 2026 World Cup

Yesterday evening, despite winning 2-0 against Timor Leste in the group stage match, U.23 Vietnam could not convince fans of the gameplay. After the match, coach Fabio Ma-grao of Timor Leste highly appreciated the strength of the host Vietnam. He even hopes that Vietnam will attend the 2026 World Cup.

Coach Park hang-seo appreciated the compliments of his colleagues, but Mr. Park said that it is too early to talk about the World Cup.

What plan did Coach Park suggest for Vietnamese football to attend the 2026 World Cup?

Luong Duy Cuong: “Hai Que 2.0” and the future of Vietnam’s defense

Luong Duy Cuong’s tall physique, intelligent movement without the ball, and precise interceptions and interventions in the match against U.23 Timor-Leste made Vietnamese football fans think of him. with Que Ngoc Hai, the leader at the center of the Vietnamese team’s defense.

The center-back wearing the number 5 shirt on the U.23 side of Vietnam had an extremely impressive debut at the 31st SEA Games, and he seems to be being targeted by Coach Park Hang-seo, to become the future pillar of the team. Vietnam team.