IndiaLiquor stores at KSRTC bus stand? KCBC says it will not...

Liquor stores at KSRTC bus stand? KCBC says it will not happen, the minister’s only illusion


  • Beverage at KSRTC bus depots.
  • KCBC Anti-Alcohol Committee in protest.
  • KCBC said the decision was a threat to women and children.

Thiruvananthapuram: The KCBC anti-alcohol committee has come out against the stand of Transport Minister Anthony Raju that the Beverages Corporation will open outlets at KSRTC bus depots. KCBC Anti-Liquor Committee President Prasad Kuruvila said that it was the illusion of the minister that liquor shops could be set up at KSRTC bus stands.

Liquor store at KSRTC stand; The minister said there would be no inconvenience to passengers
The government’s decision poses a threat to women and children traveling. While the move to reduce alcohol consumption is on the one hand, the government’s move to facilitate the distribution of alcohol is not the right move. Seeing the move of the minister, it seems that the chain has gone mad. KCBC said in a statement that it would oppose the move to open liquor shops at KSRTC bus stands.

Passengers will leave KSRTC when the bus stand becomes a problem area. KCBC opined that the social catastrophe was being postponed only for the purpose of ‘lighthouse miracle we also deserve money’. The government has not yet responded to the KCBC anti-alcohol committee’s stance. The government is moving forward in the face of opposition to the decision.

The government has taken steps to open Beverages Corporation outlets at KSRTC bus depots following the High Court order to provide better facilities to those who come to buy liquor.

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Transport Minister Antony Raju had said that the KSRTC land would allow liquor outlets. Liquor stores are arranged in such a way that they do not cause inconvenience to travelers. No one can stop the legal sale of liquor through auction. KSRTC will accept all avenues for non-ticket revenue. Bevco only opens outlets at KSRTC depots. It does not provide a place to sit and drink. Therefore, the minister had made it clear that other passengers would not be inconvenienced.

Strict action will be taken if employees get drunk during work hours. Another factor is that there are no legal restrictions on traveling with alcohol in permissible quantities. The KSRTC depot will be renting out rooms not only to Bevco but to any other company operating legally, he said.

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KSRTC has proposed to set up Beverages Corporation outlets at KSRTC bus depots. The Beverages Corporation had informed the officials of the respective districts of the recommendation of the Managing Director of KSRTC. Following this, site inspections were started at various bus depots. Many rooms in KSRTC depots have been lying unoccupied for years. Most of Bevco’s outlets are located in private buildings. Bevco pays a high rent for this. The new scheme will enable KSRTC to receive this revenue.

Bevco plans to open outlets at KSRTC depots