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Like General Rawat, Taiwan’s army chief was also killed in a helicopter crash, giving a befitting reply to China

India’s CDS General Bipin Rawat died suddenly in a helicopter crash on Wednesday. The Indian Air Force said that 14 people were on board the military helicopter, out of which 13 died. His wife of General Rawat also became a victim of this accident. The Air Force has ordered an inquiry into the accident. General Rawat’s death comes at a time when there has been tension on the border between India and China for a long time. Experts are considering this as a challenging time for India.

Defense expert Brahma Chelani said that at a time when 20-month-long border tensions with China have created a war-like situation on the Himalayan front, India’s Chief of Defense Staff General Rawat, his wife and 11 other military personnel The tragic death of personnel in a helicopter crash could not have come at a worse time. He recalled a plane crash in Taiwan last year from General Rawat’s helicopter crash.

Taiwan army chief also dies in helicopter crash
Chelani wrote, ‘The death of General Rawat is similar to a helicopter crash in early 2020, in which the Chief of General Staff General of Taiwan was killed. This included Shen Yi-ming and seven others, including two major generals. Every helicopter crash dies a key figure in the defense of the PRC against aggression.
There is a wave of mourning in the world due to the death of General Bipin Rawat, Russia said – India has lost a great patriot
Expert denies external connection
He said this strange resemblance does not mean that there was any link or any outside hand in the two chopper crashes. In any case, each accident has raised important internal questions, particularly regarding the maintenance of military helicopters carrying top generals. At present, the cause of General Rawat’s plane crash is not known and it is a matter of investigation.