WorldLife Expectancy: After World War II, the average life expectancy should not...

Life Expectancy: After World War II, the average life expectancy should not be too high; The survey is from Oxford

Own report: Don’t break one record after another. This time he also put his hand on the average life expectancy of the people. That information came to the fore in a survey in Oxford.

This is the first time since World War II that such a shock has occurred. The study found that the war on viruses versus humans has reduced the average life expectancy of people around the world in one fell swoop. The Oxford University research paper is published in the International Journal of Epidemiology.

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The survey began with the collection of 2020 death certificates from 29 countries. It has been found that the average life expectancy of the residents of 28 out of 29 countries has decreased. In this context, the experts said, the improvement in the life span of the people over the years has been washed away in one fell swoop.

Dr José Manuel Aburto, one of the leaders of the research team, said: “Spain, England, Wales, Italy, Belgium and other European countries saw such a drastic reduction in life expectancy during World War II. He also said that although 10-15 countries were mentioned separately, the impact was felt in almost all the countries. According to the researchers, previous studies have shown that it takes five and a half years for the average life expectancy of a country’s population to increase by one year. That character of longevity was shattered due to Atimari. The long-cherished pursuit and labor of medical science failed.

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