WorldLibyan House of Representatives postpones parliamentary elections

Libyan House of Representatives postpones parliamentary elections

The House of Representatives of Libya at a meeting on Tuesday decided to postpone the date of the parliamentary elections in the country.

This was announced by the representative of the Chamber Abdullah Blehak on Facebook.

According to the decree, the voting will take place 30 days after the presidential elections.

According to the roadmap prepared by the UN, parliamentary and presidential elections in Libya were planned to be held simultaneously – on December 24.

House President Akile Salih said in early September that he had unilaterally passed a presidential election law. At the same time, the document was not submitted to a vote in parliament. On October 4, the House of Representatives announced the adoption of the parliamentary elections law. Note that Salih is a political ally of Khalifa Haftar, the leader of illegal armed groups from the east of the country.

However, the Supreme State Council, the country’s other legislative body, declared both Saleh’s laws “illegitimate” and rejected them on the grounds that they were unilateral and contrary to the Suheirat Agreement.

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