WorldLibyan government announces that Foreign Minister Mengush will resume his post

Libyan government announces that Foreign Minister Mengush will resume his post

In a written statement made by the Libyan Council of Ministers, it was pointed out that the decision to appoint and dismiss the members of the government is not within the authority of the Presidential Council, and Minister Menguş was asked to “continue his duty in the same way”.

In the statement, it was pointed out that “according to the results of the Libyan Political Dialogue Forum held in Geneva, the Presidential Council has limited powers, has no legal right to appoint or dismiss members of the executive branch, and this right is exclusively vested in the Prime Minister of the National Unity Government.”

In the statement, it was underlined that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs “has shown great success in the international arena by organizing the Libyan Stability Conference and adopting a positive communication policy towards friendly and brotherly countries in a way that will contribute to Libya’s stability”.

Emphasizing that the efforts of the Ministry should be supported by all officials and parties, the statement said, “The (National Unity Government) Council of Ministers instructs the Minister of Foreign Affairs to continue his duties in the same manner and reiterates its appreciation to him for all his patriotic efforts by performing his duty as requested.” statement was included.

Decision of the Presidential Council

In the official decision published by the Presidential Council on the evening of 6 November, it was stated that Foreign Minister Menguş was suspended from his duty as a precautionary measure.

In the decision, it was stated that Mengush was suspended due to “violating administrative rules by acting without coordination with the Presidential Council on foreign policy issues, contrary to the results of the Libyan Political Dialogue Forum”.

It was stated in the decision that an investigation was launched against Menguş and that a travel ban was imposed on Menguş until the said investigation was completed.

The “Lockerbie” case

In an interview with the BBC on October 4, Menguş said that the Libyan government was ready to cooperate with the United States on the “Lockerbie” case.

Menguş’s statement was interpreted as accepting the extradition of Libyan citizen Ebu Emergencye Mesud, who was found guilty in the case, to the United States, and drew a reaction from the Libyan public.

In the terrorist incident known as the “Lockerbie disaster” that occurred on December 21, 1988, a Pan Am Airlines flight from London to New York crashed in the town of Lockerbie in the south of Scotland with the detonation of a bomb inside the plane, and the passengers on the ground and on the plane were killed. 270 people lost their lives, including all of them.

The United States is demanding the extradition of Libyan citizen Abu Emergencye Massoud, who is still detained in Tripoli and accused as the person who planted the bomb in the “Lockerbie” case.

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