WorldLeading opposition party in Georgia signs Michel agreement

Leading opposition party in Georgia signs Michel agreement

Georgia’s leading opposition party, United National Movement, signed an agreement prepared by President of the European Council Charles Michel. A five-point agreement entitled “Georgia’s Advancement Path” was prepared to reduce political tensions in the country.

“The party decided to sign an agreement to speed up the process of Georgia’s integration into the EU,” said the chairman of the United National Movement, Nika Melia, after signing the agreement at the EU Delegation in Tbilisi.

According to him, the party had disagreements on a number of points of the agreement, but the document was signed proceeding from considerations that the stability of the country and its integration into the EU are of paramount importance.

Earlier, on July 28, the chairman of the ruling Georgian Dream – Democratic Georgia party, Irakli Kobakhidze, said that his party had fulfilled all the points of the agreement, while the leading opposition party United National Movement and 4 other political parties of the country did not sign the document.

“However, today, after 100 days, it is obvious that it (the agreement) has fulfilled its mission and is now exhausted,” Kobakhidze said, thanking Michel for supporting his country.

Thus, the ruling party withdrew from the agreement.

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