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‘Leaders flee, troops fall’: President Biden defends decision to withdraw troops from Afghanistan

Facing backlash for the chaos that followed the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan, US President Joe Biden defended the way the US administration implemented the evacuation. He said that while the Taliban insurgency rose faster than anticipated, Afghanistan’s leaders fled the country and as a result the Afghan army did not want to fight the Taliban fighters anymore.

Kabul grew increasingly chaotic as the Taliban swept into the capital.

“I stand firm in my decision,” Biden said.

“This happened fast. So what happens? The political leaders of Afghanistan have given up and fled the country. The Afghan army has collapsed without even trying to fight. The developments of the past week have brought us to the fore. make it clear that ending US intervention in Afghanistan was the right decision,” Biden said.

The US decision to withdraw was criticized by allies and opponents after the short fall of the Afghan government.

The US is currently trying to evacuate US citizens and embassy staff from Kabul. After the Taliban on August 15 invaded the capital, Kabul, thousands of frightened people fled the country, forcing the US evacuation to be temporarily halted. Many people poured onto the runway, running after the take-off plane in the hope of being evacuated. In the video posted on social media, several people cling to the outside of the plane and fall from above.

'Leaders fled, troops collapsed': President Biden defended his decision to withdraw troops from Afghanistan - Photo 2.

People run after the plane taking off.

“If Afghanistan can’t fight the Taliban, then a year, more than a year, five years or 20 years from now, the support of the US military won’t make a difference.”

Biden also said the decision was the result of his commitment to American troops that he would not ask them to continue risking their lives for a war that should have ended long ago.

“If they attack our personnel or disrupt our operations, the United States will respond quickly and forcefully. We will defend our people with devastating force if necessary.” Mr. Biden said.


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