IndiaLeader of the Opposition lacks vigilance and zeal for government in narcotics...

Leader of the Opposition lacks vigilance and zeal for government in narcotics jihad; Criticized Curillos


  • The Congress showed more leadership
  • Lack of zeal in defending secularism
  • Mar Curillos criticizes government

Kottayam: The Jacobite Church has criticized the state government in connection with the narcotics jihad reference made by the Bishop of Pala. Diocese of Niranam Dr. Niranam said that the government should have shown zeal in the beginning against religious polarization. Said the Metropolitan of Georghes Mar Curillos. He added that it was the Congress and the Leader of the Opposition who showed more leadership and enthusiasm on the issue.

The controversy was sparked by a communal remark made by Pala Bishop Mar Joseph at Kuravilangad church in Kallarangad. Following the media coverage of the speech, some Muslim groups staged a protest rally at the Pala Bishop’s House. In this context, the government has been criticized for not being enthusiastic enough to call for an interfaith conference. At the same time, Mar Curillos rejected the Bishop’s statement.

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The government has not yet taken action on the issue, despite calls for an interfaith conference. Reporter Live reported that the government should have called a conciliation meeting earlier and that the government should still take the necessary steps to ensure community harmony.

In Kerala, it seems that the Left is targeting the Congress. He said that at a time when secularism was under threat in the country, the Left should not aim for a Congress-free Kerala. The goal should be a communal free Kerala. He added that there was an eye on political gain behind this stance. The attitude of the Left is that if they have any advantage, let it be. He blamed the Left movements for taking a proactive stance on secularism in the past but its intensity had waned.

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Bishop Mar Joseph Kallarangad addressed the controversy during his Mass at Karavilangad Church. The statement said that apart from the Love Jihad, there is also a Narcotic Jihad targeting Catholic girls in Kerala and a section of the state is supporting this. In this statement, the Syro-Malabar Church and extremist Christian organizations took a stand in support of the Bishop.

Though the bishop’s statement was rejected by the Congress leaders, Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan did not blame him. But at a news conference two days later, he cautiously criticized the bishop’s statement.

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