IndiaLawyer assaults woman during court proceedings; Madras High Court orders probe

Lawyer assaults woman during court proceedings; Madras High Court orders probe


  • The young woman was hugged while the court proceedings were being joined virtually.
  • Action against advocate RD Santhana Krishnan.
  • CBCID level investigation against the lawyer.

Chennai: The Madras High Court has taken stern action against a lawyer who allegedly molested a young woman while joining court proceedings virtually. The action is against lawyer RD Santhana Krishnan. He was suspended by the Madras High Court on Tuesday.

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Santhana Krishnan misbehaved with a young woman during a virtual hearing in a case before a single judge last Monday. The lawyer hugged the young woman while the judge was listening to the case via video conference. The High Court decided to take action after footage of the incident surfaced on social media. The court directed the CBCID to conduct an inquiry against the lawyer and submit a report within two days.

The High Court has directed that Santhana Krishnan should not be allowed to work as a lawyer in any court or tribunal in the country. The ban will remain in place until disciplinary action is taken. The Tamil Nadu Puducherry Bar Council has issued a detailed press release in this regard.

The court also directed the Bar Council to take action against the lawyer in the light of the investigation report received from the CBCID. Following the release of the video, Justices PN Prakash and R Hemalatha came forward to demand disciplinary action against the lawyer. It has been suggested that steps be taken to block the video footage released through social media. The Chennai Police Commissioner has been instructed in this regard.

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It is reported that the lawyer approached the young woman during the virtual court proceedings without knowing that the camera was on. A division bench comprising Justice PN Prakash and Justice R Hemalatha said that Advocate RD Santhana Krishnan could not pretend not to have seen the footage of him interacting with a young woman during the court proceedings. They added that such an incident took place during the court proceedings. Released
The court directed the registrar to voluntarily register the criminal court proceedings on the basis of the video clipping.

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