WorldLavrov: Russia is ready to resume any contacts with the EU

Lavrov: Russia is ready to resume any contacts with the EU

Moscow is ready to resume any contacts with Brussels. This was stated by Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, speaking on Tuesday in front of teachers and students of the Baltic Federal University. Immanuel Kant.

“We are now ready for any contacts [с ЕС] resume. There are periodic meetings. Mainly by video link, when we are discussing, say, individual problems of world politics, ”he said.

Lavrov explained that, in particular, the parties are engaged in a dialogue on a Middle East settlement, on Libya. “In the Balkans, the European Union is taking the following position: this is our territory, we don’t need to touch it, we don’t see Russia here,” the minister continued. – This is again the mentality: where it is profitable for me, I will involve you in a utilitarian way, and where you yourself would be ready to participate, but I don’t want to, please know your six ”.

The Russian Foreign Minister stressed that a number of politicians in the EU understand the “dead end” of such a line, but, in his words, “a very aggressive Russophobic minority is running the show there.”

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