India'Last but not least', will Nimisapriya's death sentence be commuted? Judgment...

‘Last but not least’, will Nimisapriya’s death sentence be commuted? Judgment today on the petition


  • The appellate court is expected to rule today
  • The need to avoid the death penalty
  • The incident took place in 2017

Sanaa: The court will hear the final arguments in the petition filed by Nimishapriya, a native of Palakkad, seeking abolition of the death penalty in the murder case of a Yemeni citizen. According to reports, the court will hear the case of Nimishapriya, who is currently in jail in Yemen. The petition seeks the abolition of the death penalty or a reduction in life imprisonment.

A native of Kollengode, Palakkad, who was arrested in connection with the murder of a native, has been lodged in a Yemeni jail for a number of years. Although Nimishapriya was sentenced to death in the case, the family approached the Court of Appeal with a petition. Nimishapriya’s lawyer has demanded that she be treated as a woman and that her sentence be commuted on the grounds that she has a six – year – old child and an elderly mother.

Last day, the court asked the lawyer to state if he had anything to say. The trial is set to begin on Friday in the Yemeni capital, Sanaa. If the Court of Appeal approves the death penalty, the case can be referred to the Supreme Judicial Council for consideration. But the panel, chaired by the Yemeni president, will only examine whether the procedures adopted by the appellate court were correct. The decision of the Court of Appeal is rarely overturned by the Supreme Judicial Council. In this case, the verdict is crucial.

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Nimisapriya, who was working as a nurse in the murder case of Talal Abdu Mahdi, a Yemeni citizen, is awaiting sentencing. The tragic incident took place on July 25, 2017. According to the case file, Nimishapriya and his colleague Hanan, both Yemeni nationals, killed Talal and hid his body inside a water tank. Nimishapriya was running a clinic in Yemen with Talal. Nimishapriya told the court that he was detained and assaulted and that the murder took place while he was trying to escape. The Court of Appeal was approached with the assistance of the Indian Embassy in Yemen.

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According to Nimishapriya’s lawyer, Talal had promised to help Nimishapriya start her own clinic while working as a nurse. They also state that he had brutally tortured Nimishapriya. The lawyer said he then injected an overdose on the instructions of two other people who worked at the clinic, which led to his death.

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