SportsLaporta convinces with Espai Barça

Laporta convinces with Espai Barça

The president of Barcelona, ​​during the Assembly.Alberto Estévez (EFE)

The Assembly of delegated members of Barcelona approved the financing of 1,500 million for the construction of Espai Barça. “It must serve to refloat the club’s economy and to face our competitors,” said President Joan Laporta. The project, which must now be authorized through a referendum, will cost 900 million for the remodeling of the Camp Nou, 420 for the construction of the new Palau and 180 for the metropolitan plan, urbanization and improvements to the Johan stadium. Cruyff. According to Laporta, the loan from Goldman Sachs – it has already given 595 million to refinance the liability – will not compromise the future of Barça, which is in debt at 1,350 million. “The club will not be in the hands of any economic, political, governmental or any kind of power. We are not worried. There is a plan and Espai Barça will help us ”, insisted Laporta.

Last week, when the nearly 700 delegated members began to get impatient, with the Valencia match about to start, the board decided to postpone the vote for the financing of Espai Barça. A week of margin to lower the tension, essentially so that the explanation of the financing project is subscribed to Laporta. The president convinced the delegates. There were, however, fewer members present than at the last assembly: 405 who gave the yes, with respect to the 21 votes against and the six blank. Little representation in a club with more than 137,000 members.

Once the financing of the new stadium was approved, the Laporta board took a breath. In fact, the next sticking point, the suspension of article 67, which forces the board to resign in case of accumulating two years with losses, also had the approval of the delegates (265 votes in favor, 54 negative and 18 in White). “We are not oblivious to the debate and concern that this point has raised,” said spokeswoman Elena Fort. Barça closed the last balance with a negative net worth of 481 million, a situation that left the club, according to its CEO, Ferran Reverter, “in technical bankruptcy.” “This article does not guarantee control, as has been shown after we have reached this point. We have guarantees presented in LaLiga for a value of 164 million and we are committed to reviewing this suspension at each meeting ”, added Fort.

The board had no problems either in carrying out the sale of Barça Estudios, which is responsible for the creation, production and marketing of the entire audiovisual offer of the club. “Our business is not making movies,” Laporta said. The Assembly passed placidly until the elimination of the Peñas Confederation as an interlocutor with the club was proposed – the complaints were numerous – and about the loss of their status as delegates of the presidents of the territorial ones. The first point was not approved by two votes, so the supporters’ claim won the game in the only decision that the board lost, which was able to extend the duration of the mandates to five years and increase the number of directors to 25.

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