IndiaKuwait pavilion with over 10 lakh visitors

Kuwait pavilion with over 10 lakh visitors

Dubai: Kuwait Pavilion welcomes one million first visitors three months after the start of the Dubai World Expo. The growth and history of Kuwait can be seen in the pavilion. The pavilion offers a symbolic journey through the hot and dry deserts of the northwestern part of the Arabian Gulf. Symbolic solutions that are bold and perhaps full of dramatic architectural patterns can be seen here. The concept is ‘New Kuwait: New Opportunities for Sustainability’. ‘Water’ is the most important message of the pavilion to ensure resource and future sustainability. It features a huge water tower that starts in the center of the pavilion and extends to the roof. Such reservoirs can be found in many suburbs of Kuwait. Water is the ‘source of life’. Without water, life would not exist. Therefore, water resource sustainability is the strongest message given by the White Pavilion. The exterior of the pavilion mimics the desert sand dunes in color and shape. The triangular shape of the front of the pavilion mimics the traditional ships used to generate revenue before oil was discovered. The Kuwaitis used to drown precious pearls in the sea. Later, long dangerous journeys began with the goods trade with the Far East. The Kuwait Pavilion takes visitors through the past and present achievements of the country with foresight to the future. Kuwait Pavilion Director Dr. Badr Al Inisi said, This is a clear indication that the people behind it and the various committees and teams that set up the pavilion did a commendable job. It is also a direct indication of the success of the brothers in the UAE, the organizers of the Expo, in providing the infrastructure for such a world exhibition. The Expo emphasizes the importance of bringing people together and exchanging ideas. That way, everyone can work together to build a better future. He hoped that more visitors would flock to the Kuwait Pavilion, especially as the holidays approached. “Kuwait has the largest participation in this expo. We are doing our best for the success of the World Expo 2020 in Dubai. I think we have done well so far under Kuwait Vision 2035 with the aim of making Kuwait a local and international economic and trade hub. We have great confidence to take this forward. This is a very attractive situation for foreign investors, “he added.