WorldKütahya carpenter invented dehydrated walnut peeling machine from wood

Kütahya carpenter invented dehydrated walnut peeling machine from wood

carpenter in town Selamettin Yilmazthe walnuts he collected from his own 400 trees. from the green bark When he had trouble separating it, he invented a wooden machine.

Yılmaz told reporters that the most important feature that distinguishes this machine from other walnut peeling machines is that it works without water; He said that in this way, walnuts are dried easily and healthily.

R&D Stating that he aimed to develop the machine further by continuing his works, Yılmaz said, “This year, the producer’s face was very happy. As our walnuts increased, it was impossible to peel them by hand. I also made a sieve to peel the walnuts with cracked shells. When my profession became a carpentry, I started R&D work with wood. Since the machine shakes the shells and pours them without water, they don’t get water into the walnuts and they are saved in their natural state.”


Yılmaz added that thanks to the machine, walnuts became available for sale in a short time.

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