IndiaKSRTC withdraws fare hike

KSRTC withdraws fare hike


  • Withdrawal of fare hike
  • The old rate from October 1st
  • The e-bike can be taken by bus from November 1

Thiruvananthapuram: In view of the decline in the number of passengers during the Covid period, KSRTC is withdrawing the fare hike. Transport Minister Antony Raju made the announcement. He clarified that from October 1, every day will be the same fare.

KSRTC had earlier had a flexi rate system as the number of passengers was declining in the Covid background. From October 1, fares will be the same as before Covid. However, the Transport Minister said that Justice Ramachandran had recommended the commission to increase the bus fare and the government would discuss it.

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Antony Raju said KSRTC will provide two-wheelers such as e-bikes, e-scooters and bicycles in long-distance low-floor buses and Volvo and Scania buses to Bangalore. This is allowed for a fixed fee. He said the move was taken in view of the needs of long-distance travelers.

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Passengers arriving in the city can get off the bus and continue their journey in a two-wheeler. The facility will be ready from November 1. The Transport Minister said that the project is being implemented as part of the policy to encourage healthy travel without air pollution. He pointed out that this sends the message that Kerala is with the world at a time when cycling is being promoted all over the world.

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