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KPCC to catch ‘cheaters’; Who won the eight seats that secured the victory? Inspection

Thiruvananthapuram: The KPCC has extended its probe into the heavy setback in the Assembly elections. Manorama reported that the KPCC had announced a probe into the defeats in eight constituencies where the chances of victory were assured. The probe comes as a new leadership has emerged for the state Congress. Dharmajan Bolgatti, a candidate from Balussery constituency, had complained that he did not get the required support from the party. It is reported that the leadership which received Dharmajan’s complaint has included Balussery as the ninth constituency to be inspected.

The fall was in these constituencies

Preliminary investigation revealed that despite having 22 DCC office bearers and six KPCC office bearers, organizational vigilance could not be maintained in Kayamkulam. It was also found that the hill and the pond were in a similar situation. In Peermede, the CPI candidate won even though the Left had no hope.

The Congress leadership was not ready to work for the victory of Azhikode contested by KM Shahi. It was found that this situation was the reason for the defeat in Chavara. Shibu Baby John had publicly said that the reason for the election defeat was the clash between the Congress. Padmaja Venugopal, a candidate from Thrissur, had alleged that a section of the Congress had given up when it received the Left votes and that some leaders were involved in the move.

Padmaja Venugopal has made a serious allegation

Padmaja Venugopal has made serious allegations against the leadership. Priyanka Gandhi was not allowed in the vehicle at the road show led by her as part of her election campaign. Padmaja alleged that the move was made deliberately. The scam took place after he bought a large sum of money from him for campaigning. He remained in Thrissur for the last five years and when he got the Left votes, a section of the Congress gave up. Padmaja Venugopal, a candidate from Thrissur, had alleged that some Congress leaders were involved in the move.

In these seats of inquiry, report soon

The KPCC has set up a one-man commission to study constituencies. The proposal is to submit the report within a month. The probe will be conducted in Balussery, Adoor, Chavara, Peermede, Idukki, Kayamkulam, Azhikode, Kunnathoor and Thrissur seats. KP Dhanapalan will investigate the defeats in Balussery, Adoor and Chavara seats. K Mohankumar will study the setbacks in Peermede, Idukki and Kayamkulam seats. PJ Joy will also look into the defeat in the crucial constituencies of Azhikode, Kunnathoor and Thrissur.

Investigation report within a month?

The report submitted by the KPCC inquiry committees in connection with the Assembly election defeat contained serious findings. The inquiry committees found that 18 constituencies were deliberately lost. The re-investigation will be conducted in eight constituencies where it was found that there was a serious fall in this.

Dharmajan Bolgatti, a candidate from Balussery constituency, had alleged that the Congress leadership had worked to defeat him in the elections. Dharmajan had lodged a complaint with the then KPCC president Mullappally Ramachandran, alleging interference by the local leadership during the election campaign.


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