IndiaKovid for 6466 people in the state today; The Minister of...

Kovid for 6466 people in the state today; The Minister of Health said that not a single dose of vaccine was given in 1997

Thiruvananthapuram: Covid has been confirmed for 6444 people in the state today. This is the result of testing 64,999 samples in the last 24 hours. Thiruvananthapuram district has the highest number of patients. The total number of Covid deaths in the state has risen to 32,236, Health Minister Veena George told a news conference.

District wise figures

Covid confirmed 990 in Thiruvananthapuram district and 916 in Ernakulam. In Thrissur, 780 people were diagnosed with the disease and in Kottayam 673 people. 648 cases were reported in Kozhikode district today. The other districts are Kollam 606, Palakkad 345, Idukki 332, Malappuram 290, Kannur 255, Alappuzha 228, Pathanamthitta 213, Wayanad 92 and Kasaragod 76. There are currently 2,62,454 people under surveillance in various districts, the health minister said.

Strict control in 115 wards


Meanwhile, the government has said it will tighten controls in 115 wards where the disease is most prevalent. The control is in areas where the weekly infection population ratio is above ten. There are 115 such wards in the boundaries of 77 local bodies. Control will be tightened in these areas. According to the latest figures, 2,62,454 people are currently under surveillance in 14 districts. Of these, only 4886 are in hospital. In the new cases, 230 people were hospitalized. Of the 74,618 Covid cases currently being treated, only 8% are being treated at the hospital.

32236 deaths


It has also been confirmed that 45 deaths in the last few days were due to Covid infection. In addition, with the change in the criteria based on the Supreme Court judgment, the list added 55 more deaths. The minister said 87 more deaths from June 18 onwards, which were not confirmed due to lack of records, were included in the list. With this, the total number of Covid deaths in Kerala rose to 32,236 according to official figures. The health minister said in a Facebook post that 8424 people had been diagnosed with the disease.

Vaccine resistance increases

According to the health minister, 94.8 per cent of the population in the state has been vaccinated so far. Fifty-two percent received two doses of the vaccine. Today, out of 6444 positive people, 5221 have been vaccinated. 1176 people received one dose of vaccine and 2348 people received two dose of vaccine. 1997 people are not vaccinated. The Health Minister said that Kerala is the state which has given the highest number of vaccines in terms of population. The Minister of Health said that the vaccine can save people from contracting the disease and from getting serious about Covid 19. Of the 72,000 people treated from October 25 to November 1, only two percent needed oxygen beds, the health minister said. The minister said the number of cases has come down compared to last week.

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