IndiaKovid defense in UP is excellent; Failure in Kerala; Sabu...

Kovid defense in UP is excellent; Failure in Kerala; Sabu M Jacob praised the Yogi

Kitex Group Chairman Sabu M Jacob criticizes Kerala over Covid defense. Sabu criticized Kerala during a channel discussion attended by Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath. Sabu M Jacob said that the Covid defense in Kerala is a failure and is good for UP. Yogi invited Kitex to UP on the same channel program.

The presenter asked what facilities are required to start a business in UP. Sabu said, “Those who invest in the industry want peace of mind.” UP is the second industry friendly state. Hope to reach number one. I first went there at the invitation of Telangana. Whoever prepares for a similar situation will go there.

Kitex has 700 employees from UP. When you look at the employees from UP who are returning home, not a single one of them is positive. Congratulations to UP Solar. When 50 employees in Kerala are examined, 20 of them are positive. Despite traveling from UP to Kerala, Covid was not affected. Sabu M Jacob said the Covid defense in UP is commendable.

The policy of the Kerala government is not correct. Solars are unnecessarily imposing restrictions and harassing people. Covid can only be prevented by vaccination. But the Kerala government is tightening its grip on Covid. “People don’t even know where the restrictions are at present,” Sabu said.