IndiaKovid country to the third wave? Omicron cases are on the...

Kovid country to the third wave? Omicron cases are on the rise in big cities


  • New Covid-19 cases on the rise in India.
  • Most of the major cities in the country have Omicon cases.
  • Experts say it’s a sign of Covid’s third wave.

New Delhi: New Covid-19 cases are on the rise in India as the Omicron threat continues. About 75 per cent of the Covid cases reported in the country’s major cities of Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata are of the omicron variant, according to the Covid vaccine task force chief. NDTV reported that NK Aroro had clarified.

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The Omicron variant accounted for only 12 per cent of Covid cases previously reported in the country, while the current figure is 28 per cent. Aurora said it was a sign that the third wave of Covid had arrived in the country. If you look at the figures for the last few days, you can see the potential for this. Covid cases are on the rise. Different variants are reported when each Covid wave occurs. He added that this time it was reported by Omikron.

So far 1700 Omicon cases have been reported in the country. With 510 cases reported, Maharashtra tops the list of states with the highest number of Omicon cases. On Monday, there was a 22 per cent increase in Omikron cases, according to figures released by the government. The national capital, Delhi, is another city of concern. In the last three days, tens of thousands of new Covid cases have been reported in Delhi alone.

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Aurora said Omikron cases are on the rise in the country. Omicron cases are on the rise every week. There has been a 22 per cent increase in newly confirmed Covid cases. The shelf life of the Covid vaccine is up to 12 months. Aurora said there was no need to worry that the dose given to 15- to 18-year-olds was unsafe.

Meanwhile, in Kerala, Omicron has confirmed 29 more cases. Thiruvananthapuram 10, Alappuzha 7, Thrissur 6 and Malappuram 6 were confirmed by Omicron. Of these, 25 were from low risk countries and 2 were from high risk countries. 2 people were infected with Omicron through contact. Two people in Alappuzha were infected with Omicron through contact.

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In Thiruvananthapuram, 9 people are from UAE and one is from Qatar. In Alappuzha, 3 came from UAE, 2 from UK, 3 in Thrissur from Canada, 2 from UAE, 1 from East Africa and 6 in Malappuram from UAE. With this, Omikron has been confirmed for a total of 181 people in the state. A total of 52 came from high-risk countries and 109 from low-risk countries. A total of 20 people were infected through contact.

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