IndiaKovid confirmed 45,449 people in the state today; 38 deaths

Kovid confirmed 45,449 people in the state today; 38 deaths


  • Covid confirmed the highest number of people today in Ernakulam
  • 4,08,881 people under observation
  • The total death toll was 51,816

Thiruvananthapuram: Covid-19 has been confirmed for 45,449 people in the state today. Outbreaks were reported in Ernakulam 11,091, Thiruvananthapuram 8980, Kozhikode 5581, Thrissur 2779, Kollam 2667, Malappuram 2371, Kottayam 2216, Palakkad 2137, Pathanamthitta 1723, Alappuzha 1564, Idukki 1433, Kannur 1336, Wayanad 941 and Kasaragod 630.

During the last 24 hours, 1,01,252 samples were tested. There are currently 4,17,764 people under surveillance in various districts of the state. Of these, 4,08,881 are under home / institutional quarantine and 8,883 are under hospital surveillance. A total of 1,098 people were newly admitted to the hospital.

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Currently, out of 2,64,638 cases, only 3.5 per cent are admitted to hospital / field hospitals.

Today, it has been confirmed that 38 deaths due to Covid-19 have been reported in the last few days. In addition, 39 deaths have been reported which have been appealed by the Central Government under the new guidelines of the Supreme Court. This brings the total death toll in the state to 51,816.

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A total of 27,961 people were diagnosed and treated and recovered. Thiruvananthapuram 9017, Kollam 577, Pathanamthitta 1146, Alappuzha 567, Kottayam 1225, Idukki 415, Ernakulam 2901, Thrissur 5086, Palakkad 835, Malappuram 698, Kozhikode 3229, Wayanad 260, Kannur 1494 and Kasaragod 511 were cured. 2,64,638 people have been diagnosed with the disease and are still undergoing treatment. 53,25,932 have so far been freed from Covid.

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