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Koeman, on the incidents: “I wasn’t scared. At one point I thought about getting out of the car “

This Monday, in the offices of the Camp Nou, there was talk about Ronald Koeman. The main concern (this time) was not the team’s game, again defeated against a great. The club is looking for a solution to the incident that the Dutch coach suffered after the classic (1-2), when he was rebuked by a group of fans when he was leaving the stadium in his car with his wife. “This afternoon we will meet again to change protocols. It can’t happen again, ”explains a Barcelona employee. “I don’t know if there is a solution. For me it is more of a social problem. It is not a subject of which they are culés. I think it is a matter of education, they have no values. It happens all over the world, not just here. The atmosphere on the pitch had been extraordinary, even at 0-2. We don’t have to pay much attention to it. The club knows that this cannot be repeated and has to find another formula ”, stated Koeman.

The technician, however, was not the only one who had to tolerate the insults and blows in his car from the group of violent men. “It seems that it was only with me and it was not like that. It also happened with many players, who went out with their families. It may have been more exaggerated with me, but even Carles Puyol had to suffer, “said Koeman, who described how he experienced the incident. “I have the images because there were two people in the back filming for a documentary. My wife was by my side. There was one with the Arsenal shirt on the front. I was not scared. At one point I thought about leaving, but in the end I decided not to “, he developed, laughing. He added: “When you go out there are a lot of cameras, a lot of phones and a lot of followers recording for TikTok … It’s better to put the energy on other things.”

He did not want to give too much importance to the problem. On the contrary, he relativized it. “It is not something that I like, I prefer applause to this. But, once again, people who know the situation of the club and the team, without looking at a disappointing result against Madrid, understand that there are positive things. I’m older in this, I want to enjoy the atmosphere that there was the other day in the field. I accept the results ”, he stated, before focusing on the attitude of the public in the stadium during the match against Madrid. “There are things as a coach that you don’t like, but I like being with the players, preparing the games, analyzing and having to decide is what I like. The other day I loved the game, not the result because it was a Classic, but the atmosphere. We made merits to have another result. We need a little luck. These things are what I like. And if there comes a day when I don’t enjoy myself, I will go and dedicate myself to playing golf five days a week. I understand that the situation is delicate, but there is a future in this club ”.

After the defeat against Madrid, Koeman will be able to count on Ansu Fati -he ended the classic with discomfort- for this Wednesday’s duel against Rayo in Vallecas (7:00 p.m., Movistar la Liga). However, he still has Pedri, Araujo and Dembélé in the infirmary. “El Rayo is having a great season. I remember the Cup match and it was complicated. If we continue along the lines of the last three games, we have a chance of winning ”, concluded the Barcelona coach.

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