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‘KM Mani’s love had no boundaries’; Jose K. Mani said there was no need for a special day to remember him

Kottayam: Kerala Congress M leader KM Mani’s love had no boundaries, said party chairman and MP Jose K Mani. Neither politics, nor caste differences, nor differences of opinion hindered his love. We do not need a special day to remember Sir Mani. “He is with us every day, every moment,” Jose K. Mani said in a Facebook post.

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Jose K. Mani clarified that today was a gathering full of memories of Sir Mani at the Thirunakkara Maidan in Kottayam. Kottayam Thirunakkara Maidan was overjoyed when the memories of Sir KM Mani flowed into the soil where the Kerala Congress was born. He added that many emotional moments were witnessed throughout the function which were a direct testimony to the fact that Mani Sar is remembered in the hearts of the people.

Jose K. Mani said that we do not need a special day to remember Sir Mani. He is with us every day, every moment. Mani Sir’s love knew no bounds. That love was not hindered by politics, caste differences or differences of opinion. He said that the gathering was attended by people who loved Mani Sar and loved Mani Sar.

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Jose K. Mani thanked all the leaders and activists who came from different parts of the state from Kasaragod to Thiruvananthapuram to share Achachan’s memories, as well as everyone who worked from the front and back to make the memorial meeting a success.

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