IndiaKittle rubber penis; People protest against Asha workers; Family planning...

Kittle rubber penis; People protest against Asha workers; Family planning campaign in Maharashtra in controversy

Mumbai: The Maharashtra government’s efforts to provide family planning training in rural areas have been met with controversy. The government plans to train couples in different parts of the state using Asha workers. But the new controversy is based on the rubber model of the penis included in the kit prepared for the project.

The kit designed for training includes rubber models of the genitals of both women and men. In addition to the male model, there is also a model of the uterus made of rubber. But the national media reports that a section in the rural areas are complaining that the gender model brought by the trainers is obscene.

Educating people about door-to-door sexuality, contraception and sterilization is one of the tasks of health workers in rural areas across India. They are also using pamphlets and pictures published by the Health Department for awareness. But the new controversy was sparked by the Maharashtra government’s decision to upgrade the training kit to include rubber specimens in the kit. According to the First Post, about 25,000 kits containing samples of gender and uterus have been distributed to Asha activists in the state.

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The head of the Directorate of Health Services, Dr. A.S. Says Archana Patil. In an interview with the Indian Express, she said the new kit would help train couples in matters including wearing a condom.

But reports suggest that they are being ridiculed for going with rubber models among conservative-minded villagers. They also informed the media about this. “As soon as the rubber models are released, family members, especially men, will protest. They will ask if we are not ashamed. They will say that they are trying to make their wives look bad.” The Indian Express reported that an Asha worker in Nashik had said.

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Asha workers say it is a big mistake to talk about sex issues in many parts of the state. At the same time, the Asha Workers’ Organization says that sex education using rubber models should be conducted under the guidance of doctors and that these are beyond the scope of Asha workers with only a 10th class education. They say they have asked the health department about this. The BJP has also come out and demanded that the government withdraw the action and apologize to the health workers.

At the same time, health experts have said that the campaign would not be effective if Asha workers could not be trained using rubber models and that the government should reconsider the matter.

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