IndiaKitex hits back at Sabu; The Supreme Court has ruled that...

Kitex hits back at Sabu; The Supreme Court has ruled that the case relating to the death of a worker cannot be dismissed

New Delhi: The Supreme Court has rejected a petition filed by Sabu M Jacob, the accused and Kitex Garments MD, seeking quashing of a case related to the death of a factory worker in an accident while on duty. The bench, headed by Justice DY Chandrasoodu, said it could not intervene in the High Court’s judgment that the case could not be dismissed.

A case has been registered against Sabu in connection with the death of a factory worker in an accident. The case is pending in the Kolencherry Magistrate’s Court. Sabu had earlier approached the high court seeking quashing of the case. But Justice AA Siyad Rahman dismissed the petition. Sabu approached the Supreme Court questioning the verdict.

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The worker died in an accident on May 24, 2014. The case was registered against Sabu M Jacob on a complaint filed by the Perumbavoor Factories and Boilers Inspector alleging that the factory owner had failed to ensure the safety and welfare of the factory workers.

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Sabu argued that the factory was not under his control as the company’s managing director and therefore the criminal case would not stand. However, Public Prosecutor Sudhir Gopalakrishnan had said in the High Court that the department was there to file a case against the employer and that the case was registered on the complaint of the officer for failing to ensure the safety of the worker.

The court ruled that the case could not be dismissed and that the defendant should face trial and that matters relating to the duty of running the factory should be examined during the trial of the case.

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