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Kim Tu Long once wished that his wife would ‘push’ out of the house

During the time of social distancing because of the epidemic, the lives of two artist families have also changed a lot compared to before. Artist Kim Tu Long shared that he built a swimming pool at home for his children to play. As for the family of Le Khanh – Tuan Khai, they welcomed the families of both sides of the family to live together.
Returning to “The first and the best” version of “The Untold Story” when participating from the first episodes of season 1, the two families had unexpected revelations about their married life that had never been expressed before. . In the unaired recording, the audience first knew the story that reformed artist Kim Tu Long shared in which he said he wanted to be “evicted” by his wife once. The words of truth that were like jokes, jokes but true of the “cheat saint” Kim Tu Long made Lam Vy Da and Duc Thinh laugh.

Kim Tu Long and his wife review the recording

Like the audience watching the radio, this is the first time Trinh Trinh – Kim Tu Long’s wife has seen her husband’s recording, so she was surprised and turned to ask her husband. However, in response to his wife’s words, artist Kim Tu Long refused, determined not to remember the words he said. For details, please watch the video.


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