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Khuong Le is “tired” when being attacked by Orange: live singers, gym people

After only five days of release, Orange’s MV Em sings who listens quickly gained nearly 3 million views and landed in the top 3 music trending categories on Vietnam’s YouTube platform. The highlight of this product is still the typical voice of the female singer, who has internal strength, sings in a narrative style, opens her heart.

Khuong Le – who appeared in Orange’s MV is also
the male lead of Old girls are very skilled

Although it was performed by Orange at the show The Heroes but the official version of the song brings a completely different experience when it comes to concerns about Orange’s career path and future at this time.
In particular, this MV features actor Khuong Le, the male lead in the famous movie Old girls are very skilled. Orange revealed, the crew invited the actor to star in the MV before the release of Old Lady V, so this decision is completely unrelated to the movie project that Khuong Le participated in.
Khuong Le is
Khuong Le was
During the interaction with the audience Showbiz in the time of CovidIn addition to experiencing the new MV, Khuong Le and Orange also enthusiastically fulfilled the request set by the audience and the program. In particular, the challenge of singing a new live hit while working out in the gym was enthusiastically responded by both. In particular, Orange also showed off her very good live voice through hits from her debut to now like Milk tea, When you grow up or the closest is Who do you sing. Details invite the audience to follow!


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