WorldKhalistanis referendum on making Punjab a separate country came out, Pakistan also...

Khalistanis referendum on making Punjab a separate country came out, Pakistan also exposed


  • The wind came out of the referendum organized by Khalistanis in Britain on Punjab
  • The Sikhs of Britain were brought to London by the terrorist organization Sikh for Justice.
  • UK watchers say only 150 attended

The wind of a plebiscite held in Britain by the Khalistanis to make Punjab a separate country by cutting Punjab from India came out. On Sunday, Sikhs from different parts of Britain were brought to London by the banned terrorist organization Sikh for Justice in India so that they could take part in the alleged referendum. Sikhs for Justice claimed that 10 to 12 thousand people took part in this referendum, but people watching Britain say that only 100 to 150 people participated in it.

Sikhs for Justice had arranged 300 buses to bring people from all over Britain. This pro-Khalistan organization said that 1500 to 1700 people were brought to take part in this alleged referendum. Foreign diplomats in London say that barring three pro-Khalistan gurdwaras, no one allowed their platform for the alleged referendum.

given money to participate in the referendum
The alleged referendum was also supported by Kuldeep Singh Chaheru, the head of the Federation of Sikh Organisations, which is affiliated with the Babbar Khalsa. According to reports, supporters of Khalistan reached out to Sikh migrants living illegally and promised them citizenship aid and money to participate in the plebiscite. Not only this, the gurudwaras had also opposed the people being brought in buses.

Its organizers misled the people and tried to pretend that these buses would be taken to the gurdwaras. Not only this, there was no investigation of the people who came to participate in this alleged referendum whether they are Indian, Pakistani or Afghani. Not only this, the same person voted multiple times. After this alleged referendum, its organizers and their Pakistani supporters tried their best to declare it a success. Sikhs for Justice called on all Sikhs above the age of 18 to participate in the plebiscite. The polling was held in the Westminster area. During this, slogans were raised in support of Khalistan.