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Kha Ngan invited to shoot a ‘hot’ MV, accidentally revealing Jun Pham’s secret

The “divine call” challenge is always a much-awaited part of the Talk show, don’t be shy! belong to Thanh Nien Magazine. In the program number 96 with the return of Kha Ngan, she appeared miserable when taking on the challenge.

Kha Ngan shared: “That’s why every time I come here, I’m always under a lot of pressure. Because after the previous 2 calls, I’ve also lost trust in a lot of people. Sometimes I call for important things. People don’t believe me, people think I’m joking.”

Previously, also at Thanh Nien Magazine, Kha Ngan once made Jun Pham drop out of the Japanese language class he was studying in order to spend time advising his little sister not to release a new MV when the Covid-19 epidemic was still complicated.


In this comeback, she once again chose her close brother – Jun Pham as her “victim”.

Please watch the video and see how Kha Ngan shows off her acting skills to trick Jun Pham!