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Kemal Sunal, the master of comedy, is commemorated on the 21st anniversary of his death

He plays the leading roles in the most watched productions in Turkish cinema even today. Ali Kemal SunalAs the first child of Malatyalı Mustafa Sunal and Saime Hanım, he said “hello” to life on 11 November 1944 in Istanbul Küçükpazar. Later, two more siblings of Sunal, named Cemil and Cengiz, were born.

In an interview, Saime Sunal explained that her son had an introverted and extremely quiet personality and said, “He was so introverted that he did not show his distress and sadness. I wish he had mentioned it, if only he had fought and not been so closed.” had used the words.

Kemal Sunal completed his primary education at Mimar Sinan Primary School and high school at Vefa High School, where he completed his high school in 11 years. Philosophy teacher Belkıs Balkır noticed the talent of the artist, who started to take an interest in theater while still in high school. Belkıs teacher, who said “You should be an actor”, convinced Sunal’s father, took the master actor to Kenter Theater and introduced him to Müşfik Kenter.

Sunal, who spent his childhood and youth under difficult conditions as the child of a low-income family, said in an interview, “Here, those absences created Kemal Sunal.” had used the words.

The artist worked as an electrician apprentice before stepping into theater and cinema, and worked at the Emetaş Factory during and after his university education.

He got his first role in high school in the play “Forced Pursuit”

Sunal, who appeared on the stage for the first time as an amateur in high school with “Zoraki Tabip”, received the “Best Character Actor” award in the high school theater competition organized by the newspaper Akşam with a play he played on the same dates.

Unforgettable artist Sunal started his professional theater acting in 1966. The successful actor, who appeared on the stage for the first time in the play “Deli İbrahim” at the Kenter Theater, attracted attention by making the audience laugh, despite the lack of a line, with the role of “the executioner’s assistant”.

Sunal completed his military service, which he started at Ankara Etimesgut Armored Units School in 1981, in the master unit in Ankara Land Forces Command.

Sunal, who did not stay at the Kenter Theater for a long time, joined the newly established Pendik Theatre, which was instrumental in meeting actor Bülent Kayabaş. Sunal, the smiling and laughing face of cinema and theatre, studied for 2 years at the School of Journalism and Public Relations, currently Marmara University Faculty of Communication, while continuing to play. Sunal, who left her education unfinished due to intense theater tours, continued her second year of the university after the “student amnesty” in 1992 and graduated in 1995 at the age of 51.

At the graduation ceremony, he said, “The 4-year university marathon is finally over, but mine is a little bit over. I finished my 4-year university life in 27 years.” Afterwards, the artist earned a master’s degree in radio, television and cinema and prepared a thesis titled “Kemal Sunal Smile in Television and Cinema”. The thesis of the artist was published by his family in 2005 under the same name.

He started cinema with the movie “Tatlı Dillim”

After Pendik Theater was closed due to financial problems, Sunal moved to the theater of Ulvi Uraz, whom she considered an idol and stayed for 4 years, and then she took the stage at Aksaray Small Opera, Ayfer Feray Theater and Devekuşu Cabaret Theatre.

Münir Özkul, who watched the play “Yesterday Today”, played by Sunal in Ostrich Cabaret, said to the famous director Ertem Eğilmez, “Look, Ertem, be careful with this kid. There’s something to this.” He made Eğilmez and Sunal meet.

Sunal took her first step into the cinema by joining the cast of Eğilmez’s 1973 film “Tatlı Dillim”. In addition to Sunal, Münir Özkul, Zeki Alasya, Metin Akpınar, Tarık Akan, Halit Akçatepe and Filiz Akın also took part in the film.

After the movie “Salako” directed by Atıf Yılmaz in 1974, the artist played the leading roles in Zeki Ökten’s “Hanzo” and “Confused Damat” in 1975.

In 1975, one of the brightest years of Turkish cinema, Sunal became known with the nicknames “Şaban” and “Cow Şaban” after the film, with master names in “Hababam Class” adapted by Eğilmez from Rıfat Ilgaz’s work for the big screen.

He made 6 unforgettable films with 5 different directors in one year.

In 1976, the master actor worked with 5 different directors in unforgettable films such as “Milk Brothers”, “Hababam Class Wakes Up”, “Tosun Pasha”, “Fake Kabadayı”, “Curious Meatballs” and “King of Doormen”.

The successful actress, who met Gül Sunal during the Ankara tour of the Ostrich Theater and got married in 1975, gave birth to her children, named Ali and Ezo.

The artist, who stopped running theater and cinema at the same time after the movie “Tatlı Dillim”, continued her career in cinema.

Sunal, who believes that the way to success is through discipline and says that he is always meticulous and organized in his work, drew attention by playing a folk hero among the people in the roles he played.

The master actor became one of the most popular actors in Turkey in a short time due to his unique physique and the proximity of the characters he gave life to the public in many films, especially the “Cow Saban” character portrayed in the movie adaptation of Rıfat Ilgaz’s “Hababam Class”.

“People need a laugh, that’s why they’re watching”

In one of his interviews, the artist explained the reason for the interest he received by explaining that only the producers received money for the films presented every night due to copyright law and the actors did not earn any money:

“Sociologists need to research this interest. I don’t know and I can’t predict it. As far as I know, the reason is that the people love it and those films are still valid. People have a great need to laugh. People returning from work want to laugh at home, relax with a laugh and relieve the stress of the day. Kemal Sunal films are for him. “My films are loved because there is no violence or blood in them. Movies they can watch as a family emerge. I think they don’t give up on it. That’s why they still find audiences and break ratings records.”

The master actor, who is likened to the French comedian Fernandel with his face and physical structure, has always become the master of comedy, representing the struggle of the right against the wrong, the weak against the powerful in films.

The artist managed to fit 82 films, 6 of which are supporting roles and 76 of which are leading roles, excluding theater plays, in his 26-year artistic life.

Sunal, who acted in a total of 4 TV series in 1993-1996, “Saygılar Bizden”, “Şaban Askerde”, “Şaban ile Şirin” and “Mr. Kamber”, played every role in Turkish cinema as a good, naive man as the “İnek Şaban” character. won the admiration of viewers of all ages. The artist, who managed to make the audience think while making them laugh, attracted the attention of the audience at all times by entering many characters in his films, from the teacher to the guard, from the doorman to the garbage man.

At the same time, examples from the traditions, customs and beliefs of the Turkish people came to the fore in the films in which Kemal Sunal, who managed to make the audience smile with every character he portrayed and was widely adopted by the public.

The productions he takes part in have a “success story” feature

Also called motivational films, the productions in which Sunal takes part also feature a “success story”. A master actor, a watermelon maker becomes a successful goalkeeper in the movie “İnek Şaban”, a janitor grows up as a doctor in the eyes of the villagers in the movie “Doktor Civanım”, Mülayim becomes a hero in the eyes of the neighborhood from an ordinary officer in the movie “The Fearless Coward”, and a pure character in the movie “Salako”. He portrayed a villager turning into a well-meaning bandit, an ordinary guard becoming the hope of the people by finding a solution to the problems of the neighborhood in the movie “The King of Watchmen”, and a poor character becoming a commercial star in the movie “Man with Number One Hundred”.

Sunal, who has been deemed worthy of many awards until today, received the “Best Actor Award” at the 1977 Antalya Film Festival with his movie “King of Doormen”. The artist also received the “Best Actor” award at the Ankara Film Festival for his role in the movie “Düttürü Dünya” in 1989, and the “Lifetime Honor Award” at the Antalya Film Festival in 1998.

Sunal, who has a phobia of airplanes and has never boarded a plane in his life, died of a heart attack on the plane he boarded to go to Trabzon to participate in the shooting of “Balalayka” on July 3, 2000.

Some of the productions in which the master actor was buried in Zincirlikuyu Cemetery are as follows:

“Dear Brother”, “Oh Olsun”, “Blue Bead”, “Idiot Millionaire”, “Hanzo”, “Hababam Class Series”, “Saban Series”, “Curious Meatballs”, “Ibo and Güllüşah”, “Clumsy Şakir” , “Man Number One Hundred”, “King of Watchmen”, “Zübük”, “Fake Bully”, “Dumb Abdi”, “Fearless Coward”, “Oriental Mockingbird”, “State Bird”, “Top Scorer”, “Three Cards” , “Doctor Neighborhood”, “Seven Troubles Hosni”, “Postman”, “Varyemez”, “Propaganda.”

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