Keeping the bike on his head, this person is boarding the bus,...

Keeping the bike on his head, this person is boarding the bus, people said – Bahubali is a failure

In fact, many videos of jugaad go viral on social media. Even today a new video (Jugaad Video) has gone viral, which you will be surprised to see. It can be seen in this video that a man has been made to mount a bike on top of the bus. The more difficult it is to see this jugaad, the more difficult it is for the person doing it. But, still after watching the video, people are praising the person who did the jugaad. Social media users are giving a lot of feedback after watching this video.

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This jugaad video has been shared by IPS officer Rupin Sharma on Twitter. Although this video is old, but still this video is being shared. While sharing this video, he has given the caption – Wow what a balance. Many people have shared this video.

People are surprised to see the amazing balance of this person. It would be very difficult for someone to climb up so easily with such a heavy bike on his head. But this person climbed the bike without any problem. Seeing that the bike does not have any weight at all, but you also know how heavy the bike is. Hundreds of people have watched this video so far. People are commenting on the video. One user wrote – These are Hindustani hard work.