IndiaKC criticizes Venugopal; Congress expels PS Prashant

KC criticizes Venugopal; Congress expels PS Prashant


  • Palode was suspended for criticizing Ravi
  • He was the candidate from Palode in the last assembly elections
  • KC Venugopal was sharply criticized

Kochi: KPCC secretary PS Prashanth has been expelled from the Congress. KPCC president K Sudhakaran made this clear. The reason for the action was the criticism leveled against KC Venugopal. Palode was suspended for making allegations against Ravi. Sudhakaran said that he was released for violating discipline again while in suspension. PS Prashanth was the Congress candidate from Nedumangad in the last assembly elections.

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PS Prashanth blamed AICC general secretary KC Venugopal for the crisis in the Congress in Kerala. This was made clear in a letter sent by Prashant to Rahul Gandhi. The letter also states that Venugopal is a BJP agent. The activities of KC Venugopal are questionable. KC Venugopal has no influence in the area where he was born and raised. However, PS Prashant had said that Venugopal’s intervention was responsible for the destruction of the party in the district where he had sought political asylum.

PS Prashant said that he should not think that such revelations will end as he has been expelled. He wants the Congress to return to India, secularism to flourish and non-BJP parties to flourish. Prashant said that he was reacting against those who tried to destroy the Congress from the Congress – the response was during the Reporter TV program.

Prashant responded that he welcomed the expulsion. He said there was no remorse or guilt in his public statement. Does Venugopal have the organizational prowess to resolve the political crisis that has formed in various states? He also asked how those who openly express their views would be spared if they were expelled. He also accused the government of pursuing a policy of dismissing the allegations without taking them seriously.

He will be here to uphold secularism. He is not worried about his political future. He also scoffed that the Zonal Investigation Commission was not the CBI. He added that the investigation could only be watered down.

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Meanwhile, K Sudhakaran had yesterday expelled KP Anil Kumar and K Sivadasan Nair from the party for criticizing the DCC reorganization. The action is for reacting through visual media in violation of party discipline in connection with the DCC reorganization.

KP Anil Kumar harshly criticized VD Satheesan and K Sudhakaran. Satheesan and Sudhakaran said that the group would not consider it. However, he said that all the 14 people in the list were group members and if not reconsidered, the future of the Congress in Kerala would be ruined. Don’t you want a standard when it comes to putting DCC presidents? KP Anil Kumar said that this is a situation where the fans are left to their own devices.

K Sivadasan Nair was of the opinion that he supported KP Anil Kumar. Sivadasan Nair said that the Congress in Kerala could not be revived with the support of the KPCC president, the Leader of the Opposition and the four Working Presidents.

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