WorldKazakhstan proposed to create a climate hub for CA in Nur-Sultan

Kazakhstan proposed to create a climate hub for CA in Nur-Sultan

During the climate summit in Glasgow, the International Center for Green Technologies and Investment Projects (ICZTIP) held the Central Asian conference “Regional Unity in the Struggle for Climate Preservation”, during which another country, Tajikistan, joined the Green Bridge Partnership Program Charter initiated by Kazakhstan.

“To achieve climate goals, we are signing the Green Bridge Charter. This will allow us to come closer to the goals and joint efforts of the region to combat climate change, ”said the head of the Committee for Environmental Protection of Tajikistan, Bahodur Sheralizoda.

The idea of ​​the “Green Bridge” program was put forward by the first President of Kazakhstan, Nursultan Nazarbayev, at the III Astana Economic Forum. This is an international environmental initiative coordinated by Kazakhstan to transition countries to a green economy.

The chairman of the Association of Environmental Organizations of Kazakhstan, Aliya Nazarbayeva, during the historic conference noted that the program was approved by the UN General Assembly and received the status of an interregional mechanism for the transition to a green economy at the UN World Summit.

“More than 10 countries have joined the Charter. And today Tajikistan is joining this family. Our countries understand that it is necessary to unite the efforts of the entire region, as well as international institutions for a successful struggle to preserve the climate. This is a vital issue for the sustainable development of the region, ”Nazarbayeva said.

The conference, which took place on the sidelines of COP26, was organized by ICZTIP with the support of the Regional Environmental Center for Central Asia and the Ministry of Ecology, Geology and Natural Resources of Kazakhstan. It was attended by Minister Serikkali Brekeshev, representatives of state bodies of Central Asian countries and leaders of the Association of Environmental Organizations of Kazakhstan.

Over the past decade, Central Asia has been facing an increase in environmental problems that affect all countries in the region, requiring scrupulous analysis, concerted action and international expertise.

Kazakhstan, for its part, actively promotes the coordination of efforts of the countries of the region in shaping the climate agenda, and a considerable part of this work was undertaken by the country’s non-governmental organizations.

Within the framework of the climate summit in Glasgow, Kazakhstan made a proposal to create a climate hub for Central Asia on the basis of the ICHC to attract green investments and solve environmental problems at the regional and transboundary levels.

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